Holthaus is Certified LEED for Homes Platinum!


Germany’s first Platinum LEED for Homes Project


Hidden away in the idyllic little town of Enkenbach-Alsenborn in Rhineland Palatinate, Germany, Holt Haus has achieved Platinum certification under the LEED for Homes V4 rating system. Not only is it the first Platinum certified Homes project in Germany, it is the first Homes project ever certified in Germany.


Holt Haus is the single family home of Marc & Amy Holt and their 3 sons. The 3 bedroom, 207 sqm (2228 sqft) was built in 2017 using air entrained masonry block (Ytong) as the primary structural and insulation material. The house features heat pump fed underfloor heating throughout, and a 5.9 kW solar panel array on the roof, which along with triple-paned windows helped the project earn 31 points in the Energy and Atmosphere category with a HERS rating of 22. New and renovated homes in Germany are required to obtain an energy certificate indicating their energy consumption.  Holt Haus received an A+ rating; the most efficient rating possible. Despite being located in a town of less than 10,000 inhabitants, the project was still able to achieve an impressive 12 of possible 15 points in the Linkages & Transportation credits category as it is located near the center of a compact residential and commercial downtown well-connected by rail and bus to surrounding urban centers. The home also did well in Water Efficiency by capturing rainwater for irrigation in an underground tank tied to the roof gutters and downspouts.  The project also has the distinction of being one of the few V4 Homes projects to achieve points for the Construction Waste Management. The project realized a 43% reduction in waste (2.5 points), due to in part to the construction methods, but mostly due to Germany’s national commitment to recycling.  The success of Holt Haus can be attributed to the team’s holistic approach to environmental stewardship over the life of this project.


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